I’m Not Who You Think I’m Not #5: Intransigent forms and Itinerant ways (Looking at shifty things while shifting)

Christopher Cozier, Sketch for and to think you had me believing that all this time, 2002, in the frame of Terrastories Project. Courtesy of the artist


Akademie der Künste, Studio
Hanseatenweg 10
10557 Berlin

I’m Not Who You Think I’m Not #5: intransigent forms and itinerant ways (Looking at shifty things while shifting)
Lecture by Christopher Cozier, introduced by Gabi Ngcobo

Actions that function between spaces—institutions, cultures, and the various enclosures that artists navigate—tell of another story. Often, for the artist and the work to be made or to become, useful, belonging-to a fixed time, place, or designated concern is required. Negotiating these “conditions of visibility” expediently unravel as a repeating performance of mutual deceptions—a moment of exchange, with some change but no change? In the Caribbean this negotiation is very old and a very familiar story.

An ongoing sequence of dodges, on the field, across many maps unfolds requiring constant dexterity. We remain circumspect and on the move, though, initially as property, as subjects of the various crowns or as citizens of the various republics. It was never just a plight or predicament but a strategy to get through, out around, or beyond.

Christopher Cozier

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